NOTICE: Potential impact to email delivery beginning February 2024

What is happening?

Soon, Google and Yahoo will implement specific requirements for anyone sending email to those systems. Bulk senders (those sending 5000 or more messages a day) will have additional requirements.

When is this happening?

February 2024.

Who is impacted?

Anyone sending email. On-prem email systems might need a little more TLC. How important is the delivery of your email? How important is it that you not be easily spoofed? Do your customer communications include those with email addresses at Google or Yahoo?

How are the requirements addressed?

Both services have outlined specific requirements. A summary:

  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC implementation
  • Forward and reverse DNS records
  • TLS
  • Low reported spam rates
  • Follow RFC message formatting
  • Easy unsubscribe

Why is this important?

Implementing the requirements can help to cut down spam and spoofing, improving email delivery.

What if I need help?

Connect and let’s talk. Bound Planet has been assisting clients in this regard for several years.

Further reading

Requirements for Google can be found here:

Requirements for Yahoo can be found here: