Free Basic Attack Surface Discovery


Would you like to know what the Internet knows about your business? Bad actors use non-intrusive information gathering techniques when building attack strategies, and these same tools can be used by those looking to protect the network as well. We will conduct a basic footprint exercise that will discover information freely accessible to anyone on the Internet. In obtaining this information, you can start to understand how those with malicious intent might go about attacking you or your network. The next step would be to mitigate the risks associated with the findings.


We will run a basic discovery which will gather information using the Open-source Intelligence Framework and other tools. Within 1-3 business days, we will provide a report with findings and potential associated risks. You are free to use this information to engage with your MSP or IT staff. Bound Planet has many consulting engagements and service offerings built to identity, understand, and mitigate these risks.


Any information gathered in this exercise is freely available to anyone via the tools mentioned above. If your company has a domain name, website, and email addresses, you can bet that bad actors already have this information. However, we will protect information that we gather, and we will not spam your contact information.