Cybercrime and compliance can be showstoppers when it comes to doing business. Cybersecurity is an investment in your business’s future. We are here to support your forward progress.

Executives: Are you going down the right path in ensuring your business is secure and compliant?

You have many challenges related to technology, cybersecurity, and compliance. Often, you place your trust in others when it comes to these critical business needs. We’ve found that capabilities differ vastly when it comes to IT providers and internal IT teams. We seek to become your trusted advisor, guiding you on decision making related to program requirements, IT staff and managed IT provider capabilities, and others. We support your cybersecurity initiatives in a variety of ways, tailored to your business requirements.

IT Pros: Are you being asked to add cybersecurity to your already full list of responsibilities? Would you like to have cybersecurity resources available to support you?

We partner well with internal IT teams to establish cybersecurity and compliance programs. We can also provide focused cybersecurity services to support your cyber program such as vulnerability scanning and assessment, penetration testing, and threat hunting.

MSPs: Would a cybersecurity partner make sense for your business?

Improve your overall client experience.  We partner with MSPs to lead cybersecurity program implementation and assist MSP clients in understanding shared responsibilities. Our services are built to work well with MSP offerings, and we feel our focus on cybersecurity provides a great benefit to clients.

“One size fits all” does not apply. “Set it and forget it” does not apply. There is not a silver bullet or single tool to handle every consideration. Every business is different and the appropriate cybersecurity controls are different for every business. At Bound Planet, our mission is to help businesses understand the importance of building and maintaining a true cybersecurity program.

This is why Bound Planet exists. Having a strong cybersecurity program through continuous review, monitoring, testing, and improvement means your business can rise to the ongoing challenges bad actors present, to support your ongoing success.