Incident Response Planning

Prepare for cybersecurity incidents. Build your custom incident response plan. Implement, train your team, and test.

An incident can be defined as any event that has a negative impact on confidentiality, integrity, or availability with regard to the organization’s assets. Chances are good that many businesses will experience a cybersecurity incident of some form. Prepare now so that you are ready and able to respond efficiently.

Our Incident Response Planning service assists your business in preparing for what happens after the attack. We will work with you to develop a custom incident response plan tailored to your environment, assist in implementing the plan, train your team, and test your plan.

Incident Response Plan Development

We will provide a comprehensive incident response plan that includes all of the necessary steps: detection, response, mitigation, reporting, recovery, remediation, and lessons learned. We work with you to build it to suit your environment.


After building your plan, we work to ensure you are capable of using it should the need arise. We work to set expectations for the response team and ensure you are comfortable executing the incident response steps.


To evaluate the plan and continuously improve it, testing must be done periodically to ensure completeness and optimize the execution steps. We will work with your incident response team to test the plan and optimize it.

Application to cybersecurity frameworks / compliance

Bound Planet’s Incident Response Planning engagement is suitable for the following requirements:

  • CMMC IR.L2-3.6.1 – Establish an operational incident-handling capability for organizational systems that includes preparation, detection, analysis, containment, recovery, and user response activities.
  • CMMC IR.L2-3.6.2 – Develop and implement responses to declared incidents according to pre-defined procedures.
  • CMMC IR.L2-3.6.3 – Test the organizational incident response capability.

DFARS 252.204-7012 – Cyber incident reporting requirement

We assist OSCs in the procurement of their medium assurance certificate and the confirmation of access to the DIB Cybersecurity Portal to satisfy contract reporting requirements. Contractors are required to rapidly report (within 72 hours of discovery).