Network Infrastructure


Traditionally, the network’s responsibility included the delivery and safe passage of data between endpoints. Not too long ago, the majority of data lived on-premises, and a simple firewall sufficed to provide a layer of protection from external threats.

Today, data lives everywhere and can be transferred anywhere. Security incidents lead to data loss, down time, and diminished consumer confidence. Businesses of tomorrow must ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and reliability of data in transit. Across any device. On any platform.

As the number of connected entities continues to climb, the state of the network becomes ever more critical to business. At Bound Planet, we understand how data flows between applications and endpoints, and we are well versed in the best practices necessary to build a robust and secure network.

We offer design, implementation, and management services built around the following network infrastructure components:


Firewall solutions – Gone are the days of access control lists and network address translation as a defense. That alone won’t suffice in today’s threat landscape. A firewall solution must be able to classify applications and determine posture in real time.

LAN Infrastructure – A network built to best practice utilizes a modular design to provide ease of management and simple growth, and has high levels of redundancy.

WAN Infrastructure – Connectivity outside of the office to branches and other locations, the Internet, VPNs, and various clouds must be treated with the same design and best practice methodology in order to ensure the security and availability of applications and data.

Wireless Networking – Wireless networks enable worker mobility and the use of mobile devices throughout an office, warehouse, campus, or other type of facility. A properly designed wireless network provides secure, stable, and reliable connectivity.