Vulnerability Assessment: Pre-scan Setup

Bound Planet requests the following information and completion of setup activities prior to executing scans.  External scans will be run without credentials, and internal scanning will ideally be conducted with credentials.

Credentials for Internal Scanning

Creating credentials for internal scans allows for more accurate system and vulnerability identification.  Bound Planet requests the following account be created if possible: Active Directory Domain Administrator account (for scanning MS Windows networks). Please do not provide any credentials via email or this form; Bound Planet will arrange for configuring the scanner with the appropriate credentials.

Internal Scans – IDS/IPS/SIEM

If the network employs any IDS/IPS/SIEM tools, please specify a static IP address below, and whitelist the IP address in any such tool.

About this form

This form does not get sent via email. Entries are removed shortly after being received and purged from the server after scanner configuration.